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Maya's Hooked Rugs 

I designed and hooked this
Heart in a wreath of roses, leaves, & stars,
a cozy back cushion for my favorite chair.

This second version of
my heart & stars design with
different background and colors
for Christmas 2006.

I love the simplicity and
movement of this crescent
moon and vine wall hanging
with black velvet backing.

I designed & hooked
this Autumn wall hanging
using soft chenille yarns.

My daughter Jillian asked
for a pumpkin wall hanging
and I surprised her with a cat, too.

2007 Easter Bunny Pillow

I designed and hooked
this pumpkin pillow

and this pumpkin
and candle

inspired by Autumn
which is my favorite
time of year !

This is one side of
a large handbag
I made for myself.

This is the other side
inspired by my cat Fiona
and of course Halloween

Our little cat Heidi was the
perfect model for a pillow design

I designed and hooked
these four mermaid pillows

trying a variety of
different colors
and textures

including velvet yarns,
sparkly ribbon yarns
and soft wools.

This Raven with Pumpkins rug
was my very first project
and hangs up on the wall in my studio
The above projects were designed and hooked with wool
or acrylic, and rayon chenille yarns by
Maya Sarada Drummond at The Londonderry Inn

More of Maya's projects to be posted soon.
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